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‘How circuit training for the brain can benefit men’

New developments in neuropsychology can help males open up and express their emotions, writes Gayle Williamson (First published in the Sunday Independent, September 3, 2017) There are few things more poignant in therapy than seeing a man – indoctrinated since childhood to be strong – break down in tears. In my experience, it happens very […]

Using your body to change your mind

First published January 1, 2017 in the Sunday Independent The key challenge for those who have suffered relational trauma is to reclaim their bodies, writes psychotherapist Gayle Williamson The first time I met Stevie (not her real name), she ran out of my consulting room after only 20 minutes. When she later rang to apologise, she […]

Mothers, set your daughters free

First published in the Sunday Independent (April 17, 2016) Good parenting is about equipping children with the confidence to eventually leave you; but some mothers just won’t let this happen, writes psychotherapist Gayle Williamson “My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot – we’ve never been away and he wants us to take a […]

Anxiety management – Letting go of control

It’s a truism that the more you try to control something, the less in control you are – particularly perhaps in the case of managing anxiety. Chronic anxiety usually feels so awful you’ll do anything to get rid of it – positive thinking, hypnosis, mantras, special diets, avoiding stressful situations.. all of which only set […]

Why I finally included my dog in therapy sessions

(first published in the Sunday Independent – August 2, 2015) Just like Freud, psychotherapist Gayle Williamson gets a little help in sessions from a canine co-therapist It happened by accident one afternoon. I had been on a break between appointments, drinking tea in the kitchen as usual, when my next client arrived a bit early. […]

Rewiring your troubled brain is key to healing

(Published in the Sunday Independent 5/7/2015) Advances in brain science are also transforming how psychotherapy is practised, says psychotherapist Gayle Williamson A few years ago, a young woman called Laura (not her real name) came to see me for chronic anxiety. There was no part of her life where she felt relaxed and in control, […]

Your feelings are the key to positive change

**Facing difficult emotions is the key to psychological liberation, says psychotherapist Gayle Williamson Christmas is an emotional time of year. Some of the feelings we have may be positive – peace, joy, relaxation, gratitude – but often the emotions are difficult ones: sadness, loss, loneliness. So it seems a good time to ask: “How are […]

Fighting the demon within to reveal the real you

First published in the Sunday Independent, We all struggle to be authentic, but a sadistic inner self could be to blame, writes psychotherapist Gayle Williamson “I don’t know who I am,” was one of the first things Sandra* (not her real name), said to me. An attractive professional woman in her mid-40s, she had become […]

Stressed out? Give yourself the gift of calm

I’m not sure where this year has gone – is it just me or has it gone by amazingly fast? Already we’re in the countdown to Christmas, and everything seems that much faster and more crowded – we’re all in a rush and driving faster, and the queues in the shops are growing. There’s no doubt […]