** I am now offering sessions on Skype for those who might find it difficult to attend regular, weekly therapy because of, for example, having to travel as part of their job. However, if at all possible I ask that we meet in person for at least a couple of sessions to get to know one another.

The usual fee (€65) and confidentiality and cancellation policies will apply as for normal sessions.

** I have introduced a new mindfulness page, offering pointers to some great online and other resources, which I will continue to add to. Look out for free guided meditations I will be posting soon.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Your doctor may have suggested you try CBT and now you are wondering what it involves. Well, CBT focuses first on symptom management in order to get you back into your life, teaching you a range of skills to help you cope much more effectively. It works from the basic premise that it’s not what happens to us in life that causes our problems, it’s how we think about what happened that then determines how we feel and behave.

For example, say you were made redundant. You might panic and think ‘oh this is terrible, I’ll never find another job.. how will I pay all my bills?’ Thinking like this makes you feel anxious and demotivated, you grow increasingly tired due to all the worry and retreat, staying at home and cutting off from potential contacts.

But if, on being made redundant you think ’’It’s not great to be losing my reliable salary, but perhaps now I can pursue opening the cafe I’ve always wanted to with the help of my redundancy payout. Maybe this is a great opportunity,’’ you feel excited and hopeful; your body feels energised and you begin researching how to start your own business.It’s a simple example, but hopefully it shows how we can become stuck in vicious circles of thoughts-feelings-behaviour that tend to keep our problems going – CBT aims to interrupt this cycle; help you get a handle on how your problem is being maintained; and get you thinking more realistically and behaving more effectively.