Therapy: What to Expect

couchThere is a view of therapy that pictures the ‘expert’, superior therapist as sitting in remote silence while a patient does all the talking. These days the reality couldn’t be more different, with the focus on counselling as a relationship.

Your therapist is an active participant in the process, and for this reason it is important that both you and she weigh up in the first session whether you will be able to work together.

The process of therapy can be challenging – painful issues do arise, which can be at times be disturbing. But the potential rewards are great. As well as offering an emotionally charged, supportive and confiding relationship, therapy can offer you:

  • A safe setting in which long-held hurts can be healed
  • Greater self-awareness and knowledge and, as a result, an increased sense of control over your life
  • Greater personal fulfilment and better relationships
  • Skills for personal development

Ultimately, I work from the fundamental belief that it is not me who is the expert on you and your life – it is you:

I am here to listen, not to work miracles
I am here to discover what you are feeling, not to make feelings go away
I am here to identify your options, not to decide for you what you should do
I am here to discuss steps with you, not to take steps for you
I am here to help you discover your own strength, not to rescue you and leave you vulnerable
I am here to help you discover you can help yourself, not to take responsibility for you
I am here to help you learn to choose, not to make it unnecessary to make difficult choices
I am here to provide support for change

(credit: Texas Council on Family Violence poem)